Thursday, December 22, 2011

Play with Google Search Engine by using Google Gravity

Follow these steps and enjoy the feature of Google Gravity –

1)        By visiting

i)        Type .com in your browser’s address bar( simply visit )
ii)      Now Turn off the Google Instant Search
iii)    Type Google Gravity in to Search Box
iv)     Click on ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ Button
v)       Move the mouse and enjoy the Google Gravity with your search results

2)       By visiting

i)         Type ‘ in your Browser’s Address bar OR click here
ii)       By visiting above link you can start playing with Google Gravity Instantly.
iii)      In Google Gravity all elements in the page lose their gravity. The effect of Google Gravity is done by JavaScript and box2d-js embedded in the web page.

What you can do with Google Gravity –
  • You can grab and move all the broken pieces around the web page.
  •  You can drop the broken element by picking them up.
  • You can hit all the broken pieces hardly with force. Guys it’s really very funny.
  • You can spin the broken pieces like Pendulum. You just hold them and shake it to oscillate like a pendulum.
  • Shake effects with the element is really awesome. You just Restore the browser's window and shake it.
  •  The best thing is that while Gravity Effect all the links, buttons, radio-buttons works exactly in the same way they are working before. Dear friends just type anything in search bar and press enter to see the real effect.
Note: -
Google Gravity better works with Google Chrome. Although it also works in Safari and Firefox but when I tried Google Gravity with Internet Explorer then I found that it was not working in that.