Sunday, December 22, 2013

Fix PC using Hiren's BootCD

Hiren's BootCD is a boot disk utility that will help in resolving and making reformatting your computer easy. This kind of compilation software provides a compilation of programs to help resolves most and some uncommon Internet and computer issues like driver failure, boot failure, lost data, intermittent internet connection and other computer malfunctions. This BootCD have lots of utility software to resolve your computer problems.

Hiren's BootCD includes -

  1. Partition Tools - Add, modify or remove computer hard disk drive partitions without compromising the re installation of an Operating System.
  2. Backup & Recovery - It includes the softwares like GetDataBack, HDD Scan and Recuva from the makers of the CCleaner software, Perform to recover your PC.
  3. Antivirus Tools  - Hiren's Boot CD include Some of programs like Avira AntiVirus, SpyBot: Search & Destroy, and Malware bytes Anti-Malware to fix computer files infected with malware, spyware, Trojan or any other virus without booting with installed OS.
  4. Testing Tools - Check errors on the hardware, Aside from this you can also check hardware life and fault in computer RAM.
  5. Password Tools - Contains programs like Autologon, WindowsGate, or Windows Key Finder help manage and remember computer passwords.
  6. Mini Windows XP - A simple version of Windows XP.

Your can download Hiren's Boot CD files from below given URL - 

Filesize: 592.5 MB (621283886 bytes)
ISO MD5: 7EFC81ADBBD551D56F6021C439C6837C
ZIP MD5: D342BBD6BF7554ABA24A376E41675DBF

Note :- Just download the image file and burn it on a CD or DVD choice is yours. ;-)

How to launch Hiren's BootCD from USB Flash Drive?

To launch Hiren's BootCD from USB drive, first thing you have to change your BIOS settings. Your system BIOS settings should be configured in order to change the boot order of your computer to USB drive. If you are having problem on changing boot order in BIOS, please refer Google to Change the Boot Order in BIOS document.
Please note that some computer systems may not support booting from USB Drive. If you know about BIOS settings then just change boot order and make your USB Drive as a first boot device.

Steps to launching Hiren's BootCD from USB drive - 

STEP 1 :- Formating USB Flash Drive - Please keep in your mind that, all data on your pan drive or any other usb flash drive will be lost. Before doing this step, don't forget to backup your files on the usb flash drive.
    • Connect a PAN Drive or any other USB flash drive(Minimum 1 GB)
    • Download USB Dist Storage Format from here

Step 2 :-  Installing Grub4Dos to USB Flash Drive

Download the Grub4Dos form here and follow the steps given below -

  1. Right click to the zip file and click 'Extract All...
  2. Click Next
  3. Click Next to extract archive contents
  4. Click Finish
  5. Now open 'grub4dos' folder created in your system after extraction. 
  6. Run 'grubinst_gui.exe' inside of grub4dos folder.
  7. Click 'Run' on if you face with a Security Warning window
  8. If you are not sure which disk is your USB Flash Drive, select the drive with the same size with your USB flash drive.
  9. A success message will be shown on DOS screen that means Installation of grub4dos completed. So just Press Enter to close the window.
Step 3 :- Copy Hiren's Boot CD Files to USB Flash Drive
  1. Put Hiren's BootCD into the CD Drive. If you don't have CD drive you can use many tools like Power ISO to copy files  from Hiren's BootCD image file.
  2. Just copy all data from CD or image to USB Flash Drive.
  3. Copy grldr and menu.lst (from HBCD folder of the CD or image file) to the usb drive's root folder. Finally contents of your USB Drive should look like screenshot given below:

Now you can use this USB drive to boot your computer system and use given utility softwares. you can also run Mini windows XP from this USB drive to access your existing data on computer. This will help to prevent huge data loss.

In case you face any problem while making bootable pan drive to use Hiren's boot disk utility softwares, you can visit reference website -

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Trace missing people with Google Person Finder

Search engine giant Google has launched an application called “Person Finder” to offer information on missing people in flood-affected areas in the country, including Uttarakhand.

If you have information about someone or looking for someone missing in uttrakhand floods then please visit -

If you have looking for someone missing in Japan or want to upload information about someone then please visit -

  • Google Person Finder Application trace the missing people in flood-affected area.
  • All the information entered into Google Person Finder Web application is available to the public and searchable by anyone.
  • The application also lets press agencies, non-governmental agencies and others contributors to the database and receive updates by using the Person Finder.

Google Person Finder is an application which helps people reconnect with friends and loved ones in the aftermath of natural and humanitarian disasters.

If you own a blog or website then you can help people to find each other in the aftermath of a disaster:

Friday, January 11, 2013

Better 3G plans for Vodafone Customers

Now a days choosing 3G plan is a common problem for all smartphone users because 3G plans are so expensive this time.

Here are the new Vodafone 3G plans for prepaid customers(Post-paid plans should be similar) -

Product Category




(on usage  beyond allowance 
within validity)
Mobile Internet24
(In Mumbai circle it's 26)
25MB1 Day10p / 10KB
Mobile Internet45
(In Mumbai circle it's 44)
150MB7 Days10p / 10KB
Mobile Internet109
(In Mumbai circle it's 102)
300MB30 Days10p / 10KB
Mobile Internet2491GB30 Days10p / 10KB
Mobile Internet4492GB30 Days10p / 10KB
Mobile Internet8503GB30+30 Days10p / 10KB
Mobile Internet12505GB30+30 Days10p / 10KB
Mobile Internet150010GB30Days10p / 10KB

If your data usage are less then you can go for 1GB or 2GB plan but if monthly data usage are high then Rs. 850(3GB for 30+30 days) and Rs. 1250(5GB for 30+30 days) because these plans having double benefit for you. i think these two plans can impress anyone at this time. Along with that you can stop all the unusable services those use your mobile data. There are lots of softwares for android and iPhone users to track data usage.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to Send Free Messages through your Gmail acccount

Recently Google has introduced free Message facility through you Gmail Account. Its started for India Now. So if you want to send free SMS then just login with your Gmail account and start sending SMS. If you don't have a Gmail account then just create it withing 10 minutes. its not take a long time to create a free Gmail account. 

Google gives you 50 free SMS credit in your account. If you finish with your 50 free SMS, you not need to worry because there is an option by which you will get 5 free SMS on your friend Paid reply. It means when your friend gives reply on your message then your account will be credited with 5 free SMS. otherwise you will have to wait for  24 hours to get credited with 1 free SMS.

Just follow these simple steps to send free SMS through Gmail account-
Type phone number in Chat & SMS – Login to your Gmail account . 

Look at  Your Gmail Chat Box - Inside Chat box there is an option to “Search , Chat , and SMS” . Just type the mobile number  you wanna send an SMS to and then click on Send SMS .

Add a contact name – Add the SMS recipient’s name and country, then click Save

Put your message –  Put in your message in the chat window and press Enter on your keyboard . 
Your message has been sent .

Your Friends reply will appear in chat box as a chat reply appears.

Note - If you want more free credit then you can also reply through your mobile phone. you will get the same 5 free credit on each reply. Please keep in mind that your free SMS will be locked on 0 credit and then it will take 24 hour to unlock again because after 24 hour your account SMS credit will increase by 1 Free SMS.
If you want more information on this topic then please click here

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Home » News » Google Trains Students With Search Education

Google has launched a free tutorial website, Search Education, which will help students learn how to better use Google Search for learning and academic research. The site is aimed at both at teachers and at individual users.
The company knows that while its many tools can be useful, not everyone understands how to use them. Student Education seeks to solve this by providing live training that anyone can access as well as lesson plans that teachers can use to teach their students about Google’s many services. There are even “A Google A Day” challenges that can be used to reinforce search skills in students.


Teachers will be pleased to find that the lessons plans are comprehensive. They include beginner, intermediate and advanced versions covering five different topics. There are also ten challenges, each of which covers a specific academic topic (such as history, biology and even math).
Individual learners are mainly encouraged to check out the live learning section, which consists of videos designed to guide individual learners through specific tasks. Some of the videos are almost an hour long. The lesson plans could also be used as personal step-by-step training, though they are obviously not perfect for that purpose.

All of the content can be reached by checking out Google’s Search Education site.